Current students


  • Giona Soldati (gionasoldati), December 2018
    Thesis: An Advanced Signature Scheme: Schnorr Algorithm and its Benefits to the Bitcoin Ecosystem (pdf, source)
    Slides: pdf, source
  • Alessandro Miola (AlessandroMiola), December 2018
    Thesis: Addressing Privacy and Fungibility Issues in Bitcoin: Confidential Transactions (pdf, source)
    Slides: pdf, source
  • Leonardo Comandini (LeoComandini), April 2018
    Thesis: Sign-to-contract: how to achieve digital notarization with zero marginal cost (pdf, source)
  • Daniele Fornaro (danielefornaro), April 2018
    Thesis: Elliptic Curve Hierarchical Deterministic Private Key Sequences: Bitcoin Standards and Best Practices (pdf, source)
  • Chiara Lelli (clelli), March 2018
    Thesis: Schnorr signature: additivity and multisignature (pdf, source)
    Winner of the 2017/2018 Blockchain Thesis Award of the Italian Blockchain Educational Network